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AOKI – KAKUREI Honjozo – 720ml


Indulge in a sake experience like no other, where layered notes of sugi, fermented agave, and shiitake tantalize your senses, offering a glimpse of what unfolds on the palate. Prepare for a journey through a rich and savory landscape, where malt, caramel, and praline create a symphony of flavors, gently transitioning into a delicate melon undertone. The chewy mouthfeel and subtle bitterness synergize, heightening the fusion of earthy and airy elements in this premium sake.

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Meticulously crafted with 70% polished Koshintanrei and Gohyakumangoku rice using a high-quality sake press, this well-balanced sake boasts versatility, subtly shifting its flavor profile to perfection, whether enjoyed chilled, at room temperature, or gently warmed.

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