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AOKI – KAKUREI Junmai Ginjo – 720ml


A pure rice sake that prioritizes the natural rice flavor while maintaining a light and soft character, ensuring an enjoyable drinking experience without getting tired of it. This sake boasts subtle aromas and a gentle, well-rounded umami that harmoniously blends together.

Crafted by Aoki Shuzo in Niigata, Japan, a region renowned for its heavy snowfall, this brewery has been perfecting the art of sake-making for over 300 years, bringing you exceptional quality like our signature brand KAKUREI.


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While Niigata is famous for its Tanrei-Karakuchi style of sake, characterized by its light, elegant, and dry profile, we aim to create Tanrei-Umakuchi, preserving the pure umami of sake rice. This high-quality pure rice sake stands out with a unique character. The rice is polished to 55% of its original size and undergoes fermentation without the addition of brewer’s alcohol, resulting in a full-bodied yet mild flavor.

With a subtle aroma and a distinct umami note, it pairs beautifully with grilled steaks and other rich, meaty dishes, making it a versatile and exquisite choice whether served chilled or just above room temperature.

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