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AOKI – YUKIOTOKO Junmai – 720ml


Explore the world of Dry Junmaishu, a Niigata Prefecture gem renowned for its remarkable rice umami and invigorating, sharp, and dry finish, boasting a dryness rating of +12. Crafted by AOKI SHUZO, nestled in the snowy haven of Uonuma city, Niigata, where they’ve practiced the art of sake brewing since our establishment in 1717.
With over 300 years of expertise, we bring you the elegance and richness of YUKI OTOKO, their signature brand, and a range of other exceptional sakes. Aoki’s skilled Echigo-Toji master brewers harness the unique benefits of the snow country to create a Tanrei-Umakuchi style that preserves the pure umami of sake rice, passing down the cherished recipe for generations to come.

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Whether enjoyed in the evening for dinner, at room temperature, or gently warmed to approximately 50 degrees, our Dry Junmaishu delivers a crisp, refreshing taste with a distinct rice flavor.

As the snowman roams the Niigata mountains, Yuki Otoko symbolizes purity, mirroring the pristine snow-capped peaks. Savor the soft yet velvety texture, which envelopes your palate in rice essence, accentuated by subtle hints of almonds and marzipan.

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