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AOKI – YUKIOTOKO Junmai Cup – 180ml


Experience Yuki Otoko, a delightfully dry yet rich sake with a clean and brisk finish. It pairs splendidly with dishes like pork or salmon. Embracing tradition, the proceeds from this brew support local search and rescue organizations, inspired by the legendary snow yeti’s guidance through the mountains.
This one-cup sake, introduced during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, is perfect for picnics, games, or takeout adventures. The fragrance of this abominable snowman cup sake presents a mild blend of cantaloupe, steamed rice, pear, and the essence of melting snow. As one of our most beloved cups, it stands out for its soft, clean, and dry profile with a swift finish that glides gracefully across the palate. Its semi-viscous, rounded, and smooth character offers flavors reminiscent of pear, kiwi, dried apple, steamed rice, and refreshing icicles.


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Pair it with salty, savory, greasy, fried, grilled, or bar snacks to complete your tasting experience. This is the perfect “flow” sake that effortlessly refreshes and satisfies. Best enjoyed with dry reds, round whites, Belgian ales, and a variety of hearty foods.