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AOKI – YUKIOTOKO Shochu – 720ml


Indulge in this authentic shochu, meticulously crafted by Nishiyoshida Shuzo from Fukuoka, a distillery with roots in kasutori shochu, using the sake lees of a renowned and beloved sake, “Tsuru Toshi,” a pure rice ginjo sake made with 100% Koshihikari rice from Niigata Prefecture. Utilizing the sake lees from this exceptional sake, Nishiyoshida Shuzo has created a shochu that captures the essence of a dry ginjo sake.
Brewed during the ideal winter period for sake production, incorporating the blessings of snow and the traditional techniques of Echigo Toji, this shochu exhibits a fruity aroma and an exceptionally crisp and refreshing flavor, reminiscent of a dry daiginjo sake. Its transparent, delicate profile enhances the enjoyment of delicate dishes like whitefish sashimi, making it ideal for sipping on the rocks or with a splash of water.

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This authentic shochu is the result of a collaboration between Aoki Shuzo from Niigata’s Uonuma region, which produces ginjo sake using Niigata-grown Koshihikari rice, and Nishiyoshida Shuzo from Fukuoka, where the sake lees are skillfully distilled into kasutori shochu. This exceptional creation harmoniously blends the traditions of two distant breweries.

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