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NAKAYU – TENJO MUGEN Junmai Ginjo Nigori – 500ml


Experience the elegance of this high-grade “Nigori” sake, skillfully blending the typically filtered lees with Miyagi Prefecture’s pure rice ginjo sake. Achieving a harmonious balance between the rice’s sweetness and the fermentation’s acidity, this sake features a gentle ginjo aroma and a crystal-clear mouthfeel that gives way to an exquisite sweetness and umami combination.
It matures slightly longer at lower temperatures during the final production stage, resulting in a deeper flavor profile. With a single pasteurization, its quality remains stable, and the convenient 500ml bottle size ensures a consistent, fresh taste even after opening. Crafted exclusively from local Miyagi prefecture rice and water, this sake embodies a clear and profound flavor born from traditional cold brewing and extended low-temperature fermentation.

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Notably, Nakayu Sake Brewery claimed top honors at the 2018 Sake Competition in Japan and has secured the gold medal at the National New Sake Competition an impressive 12 times consecutively. Elevate your evening at home with this exceptional sake, ideal for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to the world of sake.