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OBAMA – WAKASA Junmai Daiginjo – 720ml


Meticulously crafted with the specially developed yeast “FK-801C” from Fukui Prefecture’s esteemed research institute, this exceptional pure rice daiginjo sake is a masterpiece born from the locally nurtured “Yamadanishiki” sake rice, polished to an impressive 38%. Brewed with the pristine and untouched groundwater sourced from the Minamigawa River meandering through Obama City, it exudes an exquisite Muscat grape aroma that tantalizes the senses. The innate sweetness, reminiscent of the very essence of spring, bestows upon it an opulent and refined drinking experience, elevating it to a level of sophistication that welcomes even those new to the world of sake.

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In a quest to preserve its innate splendor and maintain its unadulterated flavor profile and alcohol content, this sake is bottled without any filtration after the sediment (lees) gracefully settles post lees removal. Distinguishing itself from the previous month’s release, “Daiginjo Wakasa,” this sake proudly bears the title of “junmai,” signifying its pure and untainted nature, devoid of any added brewing alcohol, thereby conserving its unrivaled and pristine attributes.

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