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TENZAN – SHICHIDA Ginjo Shochu – 720ml


Exclusive to authorized retailers, the “Shichida” shochu series is a testament to craftsmanship, utilizing only the sake lees of daiginjo and ginjo sake, which are then meticulously distilled under reduced pressure to create a unique shochu. This shochu inherits the fruity and elegant aroma, along with a refined and smooth taste, characteristic of ginjo sake lees. Whether enjoyed on the rocks, in a highball, or as a base for cocktails, it offers a versatile drinking experience.
With an unwavering commitment to “quality-first brewing,” they prioritize the cultivation of sake rice as their raw material, collaborating with contract farmers and conducting research groups dedicated to quality improvement. The ethos “sake making begins with rice cultivation” serves as the guiding principle of the fifth-generation proprietor, Toshihide Shichida. The “Shichida” brand from this brewery is an exclusive label available only at select retailers and is highly sought after.

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“Shichida Ginjo Kasutori Shochu” is a limited-quantity kasutori shochu produced using ginjo sake lees, employing a reduced-pressure distillation method known for transferring aromatic components. It encapsulates a smooth and mellow taste, exuding a fruity aroma and an elegant, silky-smooth mouthfeel, all derived from the ginjo sake lees.

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