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TENZAN – SHICHIDA Junmai Ginjo Omachi 50% – 720ml


A sake that moved the French to tears!
C’est bon Sake!
Exclusive to select establishments, this Junmai Ginjo sake is crafted from Okayama’s “Omachi” sake rice, polished to an impressive 50%. Its distinctive features include the unique Umami of Omachi rice and a melon-like aroma. Awarded the prestigious President’s Prize at the 2017 “Kura Master,” the first-ever Japanese sake competition held in France. Kura Master 2017 President’s Prize.

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Pair it with dishes like motsu-ni, white fish fritters, roasted duck (with orange sauce), and beef simmered in red wine. A grand sake from the Tenzan brewery, the nose is enchanting and sweet, offering fruity notes with a refreshing hint of mint. On the palate, one is captivated by the harmonious balance between the sweetness and fruitiness on one hand, and the tartness reminiscent of green apple and anise on the other. The finish is long and powerful.

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