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ARIMITSU – SO AKITORA Junmai Ginjo Usunigori – 330ml


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About Akitora

The brewery is located near the mouth of the Akano River, a clear stream in Aki City, Kochi Prefecture, known for its delicious sweetfish. It is a small brewery producing only a few hundred koku (a traditional Japanese unit of volume), but it is characterized by its innovative and playful approach to brewing. The rice washing machine is a custom-made item inspired by a washing machine, and the koji room is cleaned by a Roomba. The sake produced there is soothing with an excellent balance of umami and acidity. In Kochi, a region known for its predominantly dry sake, they aim to create a sake that is not just dry but also gentle and soft, providing a comforting experience.

About this sake

The sparkling sake, created through secondary fermentation in the bottle, has fine natural bubbles that gently burst. It has a fruity aroma reminiscent of bananas and an elegant sweetness, which harmonizes well with the carbon dioxide and acidity, making it refreshing. When pouring into a glass, pouring only the clear part results in a crisper taste, while those who prefer a sweeter flavor can enjoy it by mixing in the cloudy part. * Please open the bottle slowly when opening.

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